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Crowd sourced content (teacher creating content for teachers) is great for supporting the appetite of teacher community that wants to make and share but it doesn’t move the needle when it comes to informing teacher practice with progressive concepts. Hence, we created a strategy to democratize the creation of exemplary content by rolling out the programs below:
Internal Content Engine
Our internal team of expert academicians and production specialists would create close to 1000 hours of content by 2022, with a focus on grade 1 to 8, and on hard spots of maths teaching, first language teaching, pedagogy and science.
Dream Team program
This program aims at creating a community of practice. We know there are over 20 not-for-profit organizations which have high reputation and success of dealing with progressive concepts for teachers. We want to influence these not-for-profit organizations with exemplar content to digitize the same using our sweet spot framework. Many such organizations are fence sitters with an inherent desire to digitise in order to scale up. Dream team program is an accelerator which builds their capacity and accelerates their learning to do so. At present we are influencing 6 organizations – Ekalvya, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science, India School Leadership Institute, Language Learning Foundation, Room to Read, Sols Arc. We aim to influence close to 15 organizations by 2022 and create a community of content creators for the ecosystem.
State Content Cell
The intent of the program is to build capacity at state level by training resources and creating a digital content-creation cell within the state education department. TheTeacherApp is keen to identify , train individuals and build processes for states to create in house digital-learning experiences for its teachers. These digital-experiences will not only will help teachers in the state but can also be offered to all teachers nationally. We will design customized programs for our state partners such that we can establish a strong foundation for content digitization in the state such that they are able to scale this knowledge and meet their specific digitization needs.
Author Fellowship
The fellowship was established with the aim of creating a platform where highly talented individuals can develop their expertise in creating engaging high quality, digital professional development content for teachers. We are committed to influencing 300 such individuals by 2022. We will adopt a focused approach and create tailor made programs for 3 different categories of academic experts, i.e., Senior Academics (with 20-30 years of experience), Academic experts (with 10-15 years of experience), and Future academicians (pursuing progressive pre-service teacher-education programme.
During the first two years of our work, we found that acquiring users is easy when the state informs teachers and mandates usage. However, in order to drive usage of digital content as opposed to physical training, both teachers and the system require a new kind of behaviour. Since all our content is in Hindi, TheTeacherApp would focus on 13 Hindi-speaking states with a goal to reach 1 million teachers. To achieve this, we will run:
Digital Teacher Support Program
Over four years, we will integrate our content within DIETs, in-service training curriculum and with the support work done by Cluster Resource Coordinators/ Block Resource Coordinators (CRC/ BRC). This program works with SSA and SCERT with the objective of acquiring 30% active users over 4 years. At present, we work with – Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jharkhand.
Distribution Lab
Even though the senior leadership is pushing for content consumption, compliance by teachers is slow, communication channels are weak, and the ability of the support staff like BRC/CRC to look at data and act is under-developed. Through the distribution lab, we will put our own staff to work directly with BRCs, DIETs, school leaders and teachers. Along with this we carry out regular campaigns and data-based pull interventions to drive usage. This would help in codifying how to build digital learning behaviour among teachers.